Osiris Senior Society, founded in the spring of 2013 by Lainie Huston and Jackson Foster, brings together senior leaders and outstanding members of the performing arts community at the University of Pennsylvania. The society draws its name from the god Osiris, who was believed by some in ancient Greco-Egyptian times to have been the god who brought together the nine muses. Similarly, the society provides a forum for students of different art forms, including theatre, tech, dance, speech, and vocal and instrumental music, to strengthen ties across the performing arts community. 


Senior Showcase

Each May, members perform in an annual senior showcase that highlights our members' talents and fosters collaborative performance. Our members perform various original pieces to put on an amazing show.

Collabs for Charity

Collabs for Charity is our biannual philanthropy event that encourages collaboration between artists across Penn in the performing arts. All proceeds go towards charities chosen by the current Osiris class.

Social Events

Our social chairs plan great events throughout the year including BYOs, formals, happy hours, and more! Members also attend one another's shows and performances each week.



  • African Rhythms 
  • Arts House Dance Company 
  • CityStep
  • Freaks of the Beat 
  • Onda Latina
  • Pan-Asian Dance Troupe
  • Penn Ballet
  • Penn Dance Company
  • Penn Dhamaka
  • Penn Hype
  • Penn Masti
  • Penn Naach
  • Penn Yalla 
  • Soundworks Tap Factory
  • Sparks Dance Company
  • Strictly Funk
  • West Philly Swingers


  • Counterparts 
  • Dischord
  • Disney A Cappella 
  • Off the Beat
  • Penn Atma
  • Penn Masala
  • Penn Pipers
  • Penn Sori Pennchants
  • Penny Loafers 
  • PennYo
  • Quaker Notes 
  • Shabbatones
  • The Inspiration    


  • African-American Arts Alliance (4A)
  • Front Row Theatre (FTC)
  • iNtuitions
  • Penn Players 
  • PenNaatak 
  • Quadramics 
  • Stimulus Children's Theatre
  • The Underground Shakespeare Company
  • Theatre Arts Program


  • Penn Glee Club
  • Mask & Wig
  • Bloomers
  • Penn Singers
  • Penn Band
  • V-Day
  • Penn Sirens
  • Penn Wind Ensemble
  • The Excelano Project
  • Without A Net
  • Penn Jazz
  • Penn Symphonic Orchestra
  • Simply Chaos
  • Penn Flutes
  • Penn Chamber Ensemble
  • Penn Monologues
  • University Choir
  • The Collctve
  • The Body Electric
  • Penn Records