Aditya Singh

Choreography Captain of Penn Dhamaka

Adrian "Ace" Evans IV

Co-Director of CityStep

Alec Escobar

Co-Music Director of Dischord A Capella

Alison Yarto

Head Writer of Bloomers

Ayaka Shimada

SMAC Chair on PAC Exec

Cindy Wang

Vice President Internal of Pan-Asian Dance Troupe

Connor Beard

Community Service Chair on PAC Exec

Evan McClelland

President of Penn Glee Club

Hannah Lottenberg

Dance Arts Council Chair on PAC Exec

Hannah Paquet

Tech Chair on PAC Exec

Henry Platt

A Capella Council Chair on PAC Exec

Ime Etokebe

Band Director of Bloomers

Jacob Dubner

Technical Director of Penn Players

Justin Cohen

Cast Director of Mask & Wig

Kassidy Houston

Social Chair of iNtuitons Experimental Theatre

Kushal Modi

President of Penn Masala

Lily Sherwood

President of Off The Beat

Lizzie Youshaei

President of the Shabbatones

Lucy Sumner

President of Penn Hype

Maggie Browdy

Business Manager of Dischord

Mia Marion

Business Director of Arts House Dance Company

Artistic Director of Arts House Dance Company

Assistant Music Director of the Penny Loafers

Reagan Bracknell

Chair of Bloomers

Riley Wesolowski

Social Chair of Bloomers

Ruchita Zaparde

President of PENNaach

Simran Chand

Social Chair of Penn Masti

Stefano Yushinski

Head Writer of Mask & Wig

Tias Volker

President of Penn Players

Veronica Fenton

Costume Chair of Bloomers

Zoe Osborne

President of Penn Dance Company